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Greetings, this is just one of the many Home Automation Shop's you may have seen already floating in the Internet.

so what is different here ? ... the answer is very simple.
at Clever Automation:

  • we not just "Move Boxes" by try to sell things meight be interested in
    NO all Products sold here are Tested by ourselfs by beeing used on a daily basis.
  • add "Verdics" to all products to let you know before you order, what you are getting in to
    some verdicts may not speak for the product or make you not buy it, but if the reality speaks agains it. we will not hesitate to tell you, so you can make clear and wise decitions before spend money on things you may not like or expect somethigns different.
  • we do know the products, you can basically ask anything regarding a Product, specially about connectivity and compatiblity, you will always recieve a straight forward Response, with little buerocracy and as much helpful details as possible
  • help our Clients and Customers !
    we gurantee Setup assistance, ans can also help you in product setups you may have bought somewhere else. YES its about Community and make life more easy.



Fibaro-Wall-plug Your Imagination Flood Sensor

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